Commercial services

Connect with friends and family and manage all your group needs

Wari's DNA is highly social and deeply embedded in communities. Staying in touch and managing family, business and community relationships are basic needs. And in today's world people want to do this online. This is why Wari has created BipMe, a unique social and conversational app that includes everything that you need to do with your network, including paying, sending and requesting money. Because your connections are also tied to commerce and financial support.
Money transfer functionalities of this Wari service are offered by partner banks. List at

Designed for passengers and taxi drivers around the world

Wari is a key contributor to the digitalization of communications and societies. Still, there will always be a time when meeting someone in person and getting somewhere will be essential. The more digital is growing, the more transportation needs are growing. We have invented a balanced and efficient solution so there are no loosers or winners. Wari Taxi. We completely revisited the transportation experience. We serve everyone and bring fluidity to cities.

Making insurance accessible to everyone

At times when people want more certainty in life despite the world's growing complexity, insurance can play a key role in keeping individuals, companies and communities on tracks. Still, in many places around the world, insurance is an unmet need and perceived as a hard to access luxury product. In places like Sub-Saharan Africa, insurance penetration hardly reaches 2% in most countries. With its insurance partners, Wari is on a mission to make insurance easier and more accessible.

Wari takes you where you want to

Watching sports and races are always exciting times. Dreaming of changing or improving life is a natural desire. With its regulated partners, Wari is engaged in facilitating a responsible and controlled gaming policy in regions where it is authorized.