WorldRemit partners with Wari to offer instant money transfers to Senegal

Dakar and London, 16 October 2017 - Senegal’s Wari Group and leading digital money transfer company WorldRemit have joined forces to launch instant money transfers to Senegal.

New service available through Wari’s extended network of 27,000 cash pick up locations

Dakar and London, 16 October 2017 - Senegal’s Wari Group and leading digital money transfer company WorldRemit have joined forces to launch instant money transfers to Senegal.

The new service will let WorldRemit customers in over 50 countries transfer money as easily as sending an instant message, using the app or website. A list of the Wari locations in Senegal can be found here

Wari has revolutionised the development of and access to financial services across West Africa, particularly in Senegal. The group handles over a million transactions daily through its direct and partner networks, with over 500,000 agents spread across 60 countries.

WorldRemit’s mobile-first, digital model on the send side improves security and compliance standards. Importantly, senders no longer need to visit a bricks and mortar agent, which can be inconvenient and time consuming.

Senegal has a diverse diaspora population, with top migration destinations including France, Italy and Spain. Remittances play an important role in its economy. The World Bank estimates that in 2015 over $1.6 billion dollars was received in overseas remittances.

Catherine Wines, co-founder at WorldRemit, comments: “Our partnership with Wari will enable the half a million-strong Senegalese diaspora to send money instantly from over 50 countries to thousands of locations.

“We want to give people the power to share money instantly, anytime and anywhere, further supporting the transition from costly offline remittances sent from bricks and mortar agents to safer, faster and lower cost online transfer methods.”

Kabirou Mbodje, Wari’s Founder and CEO added: “The digital industry is a game changer in offering global solutions to simplify daily transactions. Partnering with WorldRemit will reinforce our global network and support our ambition to facilitate transactions for everyone.“

In June WorldRemit announced a global integration with Google’s Android Pay, followed by a partnership with Huawei’s mobile money platform across Africa. WorldRemit customers now complete 750,000 transfers every month from over 50 send countries to over 140 receiving destinations.

For more information on how to send money to Senegal, click here.

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Incorporated in 2008, Wari is a digital platform offering value added financial and non-financial services to customers, businesses, Institutions and merchants. Its innovative platform, leader in West Africa, available in more than 60 countries 500,000 outlets worldwide and 45,000 paying points in Africa, provides a wide range of products and services.

Financial services: Remittance, Wari account, Wari payment card, insurances

Day to day services: water and electricity bill payment, pensions, scholarships and salary payments, TV subscription, airtime, lotteries, Warishopping, Wari Taxi). 

The Wari platform is linked to more than 152 Banks and 800 Micro Finance Institutions.

Wari services are available everywhere and on MyWari (Web and mobile App). 

Wari’s objective is to promote financial and social inclusion for all, and to be the leader of the new global digital economy.


WorldRemit is changing the way people send money.  

It’s easy – just open the app or visit the website – no more agents.


  • Transfers to most countries are instant – send money like an instant message.
  • More ways to receive (mobile money, bank transfer, cash pickup, and mobile airtime top-up).
  • Available in over 50 send countries and over 140 destinations.
  • Backed by Accel Partners and TCV – investors in Facebook, Spotify, Netflix and Slack.

WorldRemit’s global headquarters are in London, UK with regional offices in the United States, Canada, South Africa, Singapore, the Philippines, Japan, Australia and New Zealand.   


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