Wari signs a strategic partnership with Mara Phones

Wari signs a strategic partnership with Rwandan smartphone manufacturer Mara Phones across the African continent.

16th May 2019 at Vivatech, Paris, France - Wari and Mara Phones announce the signing of a strategic partnership to enable delivery of financial and commercial services to Wari clients more effectively through the Mara Phone. The two African companies aim to collaborate together and develop in the 54 countries of the continent. They both look to preload Wari’s offerings, bundling their services with the Mara Phone to all Wari clients through all of Wari’s locations and distribution channels.

This pan-African collaboration between two major national actors will be highly impactful given that Wari and Mara Phones are committed to doing good and doing well for years now. Both organization donate a percentage of their profits to charities and other non-profit organizations.

Ashish J. Thakkar, CEO Mara Phones said “we are extremely excited about this collaboration and we expect to see Wari increase its presence and penetration with the bundling of the Mara Phone. This announcement is in line with our vision as Mara Phones to partner with service providers like Wari to reach and impact their clients more effectively and efficiently with our state of the art Made in Africa Mara Phones.”

Kabirou Mbodje, Wari’s CEO, believes that “this partnership represents a good opportunity for Wari to diversify its offer and facilitate the utilization of the MyWari app. The Mara Phones are the first 100% African built phones and we should be proud of this achievement. As two African champions, we must support each other and multiply African partnerships to create value and increase economic growth.”



About Mara Phones

Mara Phones, a subsidiary of Mara Corporation a technology centric, proud African brand, focused on Africa and also some selected other emerging markets.  Integrating technology to enable business growth and prosperity with innovative products and services ​delivered ​in a very localised manner. Mara Corporation, an African organisation with a global perspective. Mara Phones is focusing on the smartphone growth in Africa while enabling access to transformational tools and services.  Mara Phones is a digital enabler for financial inclusion, agricultural efficiencies, business tools and services, digital health and education.  Mara Phones is the first truly African made smartphone at very affordable prices and very high-quality standards. The manufacturing business will employ a diverse group of employees thus creating an inclusive environment.


About  WARI

Incorporated in 2008, Wari is a digital platform offering value added financial and non-financial services to customers, businesses, Institutions and merchants. Its innovative platform, leader in West Africa, available in more than 60 countries 500,000 outlets worldwide and 45,000 paying points in Africa, provides a wide range of products and services (water and electricity bill payment, pensions, scholarships and salary payments, TV subscription, airtime, lotteries, Wari payment cards, remittances etc) and accepts all payment means (cash, bank accounts, vouchers, cards, wallets, etc.)  Wari’s objective, for Africa and abroad is to promote financial and social inclusion for all, inside an open, integrated and aggregating Wari ecosystem through affordable, simple and convenient service designed from demands and needs, with strategic partnerships, a strong last mile network and a highly secure and compliant platform.


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