Public private partnership APEJ / Wari

On Tuesday, August 25th, 2015 the project Services Relay Points was launched in Mali as part of our public-private partnership with the Agency for the Promotion of Youth Employment (APEJ).

The ceremony was held under the sponsorship of the President of the Republic of Mali and was attended by the Minister of Youth, Employment and Citizen Construction, Mr. Mahamane BABY, Mr. Amamadou CISSE CEO of APEJ, Mr. Kabirou MBODJE CEO of Wari Group SA, the mayors of the various municipalities and governors.

The project Services Relay Points was launched for the first time in Senegal in July 2015 and is part of the Public-Private Partnership in which Wari is actively engaged. Opening 2000 Services Relay Points across the country will create over 6,000 jobs for young people in Mali.

Mali is the second country where the concept will be rolled out, as the project is planned to be implemented in several african countries.

Services Relay Points is a registered concept that will offer to citizens, in all neighbor- hoods, amenities and services such as bills payment, sending and receiving money, basic necessities, local products, health and remote virtual medicine, civil registra- tion services, the internet etc.

A percentage of the revenues of the Services Relay Points will be donated to munici- palities where they are located to support community groups (pensioners, sport and cutural associations, mosques, churches, etc.) and educational and health facilities.

The project has been praised by the Minister of Youth, Employment and Citizen Construction, governors and mayors who all thanked Wari for contributing to the country’s development through the creation of jobs for the youth.