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Easily send and receive money throughout a country

We are proud to offer our customers the best possible experience in domestic money transfer. Our offer, developed for a digital age combines our applications with an unrivalled domestic network of physical point of sales bringing payments as close as possible to communities. We provide coverage, security, peace of mind and a high utility to markets where we are present. Transferring money within a country is a key lever for the economy: paying suppliers, workers, partners, freelancers as easily as possible is a key lever of economic growth. However, it remains a pain point on the developed and emerging economy. Wari offers the solution.  Beyond commercial payments, community support and solidarity are also key for many societies in Africa and around the globe. We are proud to make this possible in easier and cost effective ways. In many countries, capitals, cities and villages, Wari is a noun and a verb - the synonym of money transfer.

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The world is a village: global reach money transfer

International money transfer is often equivalent to very high costs, lack of transparency and stress for most people. With the consumers in mind, we decided to combine four of our strengths to create a revolution: our digital and mobile excellence, the depth, breadth and quality of service of a high density physical network, the trust and safety brought by our leading brand and a global network of partners. We believe we created the best possible experience for our customers.

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Whatever the form, Wari is always accessible

For millenniums, mankind has searched for ways to store value, trying to find the best possible combination between asset preservation and liquidity. Born in a digital age, the Wari account simply fills this need from now on.
It is accessible globally through an infinite number of form factors: through a mobile application, a website, a card, ATMs, at POS terminals in Store, at a physical point of Service, or just with a number and a password.
The largest number of currencies is offered.
This account triggers all other financial and commercial services offered by Wari as well as third party applications.

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Pay your bills, here and there, easily, 24/7

Queuing in order to pay bills is probably one of the worst experience ever. Wari offers you the possibility to easily pay your bills or those of your loved ones, 24/7, and virtually everywhere on the planet. Keep the control and initiate yourself your payment, but forget about the hassle, thanks to our thousands of partnerships.

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Be always on by toping up mobile phones 24/7

Mobile connectivity, voice and data fuel today’s deep transformation of societies and economies.
And this is now true everywhere. Smartphone penetration has now gone over the 70% mark in most countries around the world.
Including Asia, Latin America and Africa. According to Mediametrie, in 2016, penetration reached 87.7% in Abidjan and 82.2% in greater Dakar.
As prepaid plans are still dominant, we work hard to make it easy for people to stay in touch with their loved ones… and also with their businesses! 

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Easily pay beneficiairies and workers, even when no bank is around

Governments and large corporations often employ hundreds of thousands of workers, many in remote locations where payroll and banking are not easily accessible. On top of this, these organizations also have to account for a large number of retired employees depending on their pensions.
People often have to commute and queue for long hours, which is equivalent to inefficiency for themselves and for the organization. Leveraging its digital and physical point of service solutions, Wari is the answer! 

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For all your projects, Wari connects you to the right credit partner

Wari was born in a fast growing continent where entrepreneurship is a long-time tradition, thus sensitive to the cause of small and medium size businesses. These entrepreneurs, even when self-employed do need a lot more than micro credit solutions when they want to upscale. This is why we have partnered with renowned financial institutions in order to bring credit the closest to where it needs to be.


This service is provided by Wari's partner banks and financial institutions, more info at